Biosphere no. 1 & 2, (black mile)

A two part site film made from photographs of The Black Mile in Fitzroy. Central to the establishment of vital independent health, legal and education organizations, Gertrude Street and Fitzroy, represented the largest Aboriginal community in Victoria, and was the political and social hub of Aboriginal Melbourne. Prior to gentrification, the public spaces and inner city buildings of Fitzroy provided housing and important meeting places. People came from across Australia to Fitzroy to live, work, and reconnect with family and place. On a night walk from the Carlton Gardens to Smith Street, I photographed the public spaces and buildings on the Black Mile. I processed these images with a series of still transitions and organic painted formations. Despite the political and cultural significance of the area, the black, yellow and red exterior of the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service building (1979–1993), and the interior of the ‘Black Pub of Melbourne’ the Builders Arms Hotel, have since been painted white. 

Biosphere no.1 (black mile), 4:3, silent, 06:00 min, 2012

Biosphere no.2 (black mile), 4:3, silent, 06:00 min, 2012